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To Secure Your Supply Chain at All Costs, Food Ingredients U.S. Warehouse New Arrivals

2020-04-16 15:15:42 Read


Coronavirus has dramatically increased U.S. consumer demand in many dietary supplements, whether it is for improved nutrition during the crisis, assistance with sleep and stress relief, or supporting a strong immune function to improve general resistance to health threats. Here we are to secure your supply chain at all costs with new arrivals to U.S. Warehouse on April 7th.
5-htp 600kg
Astaxanthin Powder 300kg
Beta-Carotene Powder 300kg
Curcumin Powder 500kg
Lycopene Powder 200kg
Grape Seed Ext. Powder 800kg
Grape Skin Ext. Powder 200kg
Cranberry Ext. Powder 500kg
Cranberry Juice Powder 300kg
Pumpkin Seed Ext. Powder 100kg
Dandelion Ext. Powder 300kg